Labour in Gorse Hill Ward

Trafford, Greater Manchester

Campaigning for a Better Trafford. Proud to serve Gorse Hill.

Our Neighbourhoods

Gorse Hill

Gorse Hill gives its name to our ward. It's been on the up for a number of years now due to its fabulous community.

Two parks, Gorse Hill Arts, Allotments, Target Cafe, An Outstanding Secondary School and two sports centres, not to mention Manchester United.

Biggest issues are the cleanliness of the streets and alleys....


Lostock lies in the west of the ward along its two spines of Barton Road and Chatsworth Road. The Lostock Partnership has been very successful in attracting investment and funding into the neighbourhood.

Priorities include youth activity and improving the roads and pavements.

Trafford Park

Trafford Park is a jewel to be cherished. With a fantastic heritage it remains an industrious and enterprising commercial sort of place vital to Trafford and wider.

Biggest issue is making sure that the council recognises that the same things that blight neighbourhoods, litter, pot-holes etc, impact equally on commercial enterprises wanting to recruit and to market their wares.


Gorse Hill ward includes a significant portion of northern Stretford between Sevenways and Chester Road.

Issues include Stretford Town Centre, access to school places, street cleanliness and public transport.

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The map of Gorse Hill Ward

Ward boundaries are never perfect but the accompanying map illustrates well the three residential neighbourhoods, Lostock, (part of) Stretford and (most of) Gorse Hill. The biggest area within the ward is Trafford Park.

Places are important; and whilst Trafford Park might be largely depopulated, it continues to play a vital role in employment, wealth creation and leisure for not just Trafford, but the wider City region.

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