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Kate Green - Team Gorse Hill

Kate Green was elected MP for Stretford and Urmston in May 2010.
She currently sits on the European Scrutiny Committee.


An Influential Thinker

Prior to her election Kate was Chief Executive of the Child Poverty Action Group, and before that Director of the National Council for One Parent Families (now Gingerbread). She is a long standing campaigner against poverty and inequality, and was a member of the National Employment Panel which advised Ministers on labour market policies, and Chair of the London Child Poverty Commission, reporting to the Mayor of London and local councillors. She now chairs the all-party parliamentary group on poverty.

Kate also served as a magistrate for 16 years, and takes a particular interest in the experience of women in the penal system, and how best to rehabilitate them to prevent future reoffending.

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Why did you enter politics?
What drives you?

I first got involved in the Labour party as a young woman right at the beginning of the 1980's  - because I was angry. Angry at the rise in unemployment. Angry about rising homelessness. Angry that young people had lost confidence in the future, worried they'd never find work.

I'd been fortunate - I'd had a good education and I quickly found a job. But all around me I could see it wasn't like that for everyone. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted a government that cared about the concerns of ordinary people, that was working for a fairer deal for everyone. I joined the Labour party to campaign for that.

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What motivates now?
And for Gorse Hill Ward?

Today, it feels like we face many of the same concerns. Again and again, when I'm out talking to residents in Gorse Hill, Old Trafford, Lostock and Stretford, I hear concerns about the future for our young people. Can they afford to go to college, will they get a job, how will they afford their first home? There's a great community spirit in our area - look at the successes of the Lostock partnership and Gorgeous Gorse Hill, or the the community groups working from our churches and mosques. But local people can see that the public services we all rely on are facing savage cuts. And everyone's worried about future job losses, and changes to our NHS.

It's a privilege as your MP to speak out for a better deal for everyone here. Since my election, I've campaigned on the NHS, support for families and young people, jobs and apprenticeships, to keep our streets properly policed and free from crime. I've met hundreds of residents from all ages and backgrounds who've talked to me about what we want to see here. Please let me know your views, and if there's anything I can help with , dont hesitate to get in touch

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Kate Green

0161 749 9120

Kate Green MP
House of Commons

Kate holds regular surgeries by appointment.

Contact Kate's parliamentary office on 0161 749 9120 to discuss an appointment.

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